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Protect Your Vehicle From Scratches and Dirt!

This Package includes:​​

  • Decontamination Wash

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • 1-Stage Paint Correction if Needed

Installation of PPF on:

  • Full Hood​

  • Full Fenders

  • Full Bumper

  • Headlight & Fog Lights OR Mirrors

Service Description​

Canada's roads are relentless. From rock chips and flying debris to harsh winters and corrosive salt, they punish your car's paint job. But you can shield your vehicle's beauty and value with XPEL Ultimate Plus, the premium paint protection film (PPF) designed for complete defense.

Ensure your vehicle's longevity and appearance with XPEL Ultimate Plus, fortified by a robust 10-year manufacturer-backed warranty.

Our seasoned team, boasting over three decades of experience, delivers expert installation, ensuring seamless protection against the elements.

Our meticulously crafted package is designed to shield your vehicle's complete forward-facing panels.


This comprehensive protection extends to the partial hood and fenders, ensuring every inch of your vehicle's front end is safeguarded against the harsh Canadian environment. With precision-cut patterned pieces, your vehicle's paint retains its rich tone and enjoys enhanced durability against road debris and environmental contaminants.


Additionally, the package includes coverage for headlights, fog lights, or mirrors, providing a complete solution for preserving your vehicle's pristine appearance. Trust in our expertise to keep your investment looking its best for years.

Please note: This is the starting price for a new compact vehicle.

Please get in touch with us directly by phone during operating hours or email us so we can give you an accurate quote if your vehicle fits one or more of these descriptions:


  • The vehicle is older

  • Needs extra paint correction

  • Larger Vehicle

  • Other needs

Monday to Saturday
9H30 AM to 6 PM

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