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Looking for a deep clean that goes beyond a normal car wash?

Our meticulous detailing service is designed to bring your car back to its showroom glory.

This Package includes:​​

  • Detailed Decontamination Wash

  • Thorough Claybar Regimen

  • Extensive Chrome Polish (Including Exhaust Tips!)

  • Sealed with a Synthetic Wax Formula for 8-months of Protection AFTER

Service Description​

This Spa Day detailing package is designed to deliver a complete exterior transformation for your car. It tackles everything from ingrained dirt to surface contaminants, leaving a flawlessly smooth and protected finish that lasts for months.

Our multi-stage wash process goes beyond surface dirt, removing road grime, tar, and embedded contaminants for a truly clean foundation. This prepares the paint for the following treatments.


This package is ideal for those who want a deep clean that removes all traces of dirt and contaminants & restores the car's original shine to reveal a flawlessly smooth finish. Long-lasting protection against the elements for a lasting shine.

Monday to Saturday
9H30 AM to 6 PM

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