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Looking for a deep clean that goes beyond a normal car wash?

Our meticulous detailing service is designed to bring your car back to its showroom glory.

This Package includes:​​

  • Full Shampoo of Upholstery (Carpets + Seats)

  • Complete Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

  • Salt Stain Treatment with Steam + Neutralizer

  • In-depth Disinfection and Protection of all Plastic

  • Meticulous Cleaning of Vents/Cracks/Other Hard-to-Clean Areas

  • Degreasing of all Door-Jambs

  • Streak-Free Cleaning of all Glass

  • Detailed Decontamination Wash

  • Thorough Claybar Regimen

  • Extensive Chrome Polish (Including Exhaust Tips!)

  • Sealed with a Synthetic Wax Formula for 8-months of Protection

Service Description​

This premium package offers a comprehensive deep clean and rejuvenation for both your car's interior and exterior. It's designed to remove dirt, grime, imperfections, and even tackle winter woes like salt stains, leaving your car looking showroom-ready and protected for months to come.

We utilize advanced solutions to combat bacteria and viruses on all plastic surfaces, providing long-term protection for a healthier driving environment.


This package is ideal for those who want the ultimate in car care, combining a luxurious interior restoration with a complete exterior revival and long-lasting protection.

Monday to Saturday
9H30 AM to 6 PM

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