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Protect Your Vehicle From Scratches and Dirt!

This Package includes:​

  • Detailed Decontamination Wash

  • Thorough Claybar Regimen

  • Extensive Chrome Polish (Including Exhaust Tips!)

  • A Careful 1-Stage Paint Correction to remove micro-scratches and paint imperfections

  • 2 Year Ceramic Coating on the Paint, Glass, Plastic Trim, Rims, and PPF

  • Manufacturer-Backed Warranty

  • Overnight stay in our secure shop while curing

  • FREE Wash and Inspection 2 weeks Post-Application

Service Description​

Our Ceramic Coating Packages comprise much more value than just the coating! Our professional team takes the utmost care in providing the ultimate protection and shine for your vehicle

This Ceramic Coating is expected to last 2 years in Ontario weather but is our only coating without a warranty.

Please note: This is the starting price for a new compact vehicle.

Please get in touch with us directly by phone during operating hours or email us so we can give you an accurate quote if your vehicle fits one or more of these descriptions:


  • The vehicle is older

  • Needs extra paint correction

  • Larger Vehicle

  • Other needs

Monday to Saturday
9H30 AM to 6 PM

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