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The McLaren Ceramic Headlight Restorer Kit is a fast and easy two-step headlight restoration kit designed to remove oxidation, dirt, and surface scratches on all vehicle and motorcycle plastic headlights without any power tool. 

The kit also includes a ceramic sealant to help prevent future yellowing and UV damage to your freshly restored headlights.


  • Easy 2-step application
  • No power tools required
  • Each kit Includes enough product to restore and protect 2 headlights.
  • Safe on all OEM plastic headlights  
  • Protects from UV damages 


The McLaren Racing Car Care range has been created without compromise to ensure that it complements the team’s ethos and dedication to excellence.

Ceramic Headlight Restorer Kit

  • 1. The headlight lens must be clean and nearby paint covered with masking tape before use.

    2. Apply the compound on the pad and scrub headlight lens until the polish turns clear. If the surface is still hazy, repeat this step.

    3. Before applying the Ceramic Protector Sachet
    The headlight lens must be clean and dry. Remove tape from the protected surfaces.

    4. Carefully wipe each lens with the Ceramic Protector wipe to add a protective coating. Repeat if necessary then let dry for 1 hour.

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