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About us

Our Mission

''Redefining the way, we move and

uphold our

highest quality first policies.''

We aim to redefine the automotive customer experience by prioritizing your satisfaction and delivering personalized auto care to each vehicle. We uphold a quality-first policy, with our meticulous approach and commitment to excellence, to ensure that each customer, including you, receives exceptional results.

Our Vision 

''Transforming auto care quality and

elevating customer service.''

 To provide automotive care and offer you a transformative journey. We envision a future where your vehicle is not just a mode of transportation but a source of joy and pride. By setting new standards of excellence and innovation, we aspire to lead the industry in delivering personalized, quality-driven services that meet and exceed your expectations. We aim to redefine how you perceive and engage with automotive care, ultimately shaping and elevating the customer service experience.

Our Purpose

"Ensuring lasting satisfaction and preserving vehicle value & appearances for years to come through elevated auto care"

To enrich the lives of our customers by providing unparalleled automotive care that goes beyond mere service to create lasting experiences. We strive to cultivate trust, satisfaction, and peace of mind through our personalized approach, ensuring that each interaction leaves a lasting impression. With a strong dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer-centric values, we aim to make every vehicle’s journey smoother by improving its appearance & value with our exceptional auto care expertise to make every drive more enjoyable.  Every vehicle is a source of pride for its owner, and we aim to maintain that.

Why choose us?

We prioritize your satisfaction and tailor our services to meet your needs, ensuring a personalized experience every time.

Our Journey



Luxus Auto started from humble beginnings.
Just a guy and his car without a shop and fancy tools.

Just a desire to make cars look great!

He went from parking lot to parking lot, with the goal of providing the best service to his customer base.



​With enough experience and loyal clientele, Luxus Auto evolved and moved into its own shop with a team of experts!. It was no longer a one-man show.

The team grew too, adding a wealth of knowledge and experience to serve its clients further.



During Covid Luxus changed hands. With new management came new ideas, services, location, and staff, while still keeping true to the core values that propelled us to where we are today. 

Love of vehicles, care for our fellow humans, and quality!

Luxus will continue to pursue client satisfaction through a dedicated focus on the very best for your vehicle!

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